Lesson Structure

Beginner’s Art Class Lessons Structure

Session 1: Basic Drawing 1
• Introduction to basic sketching materials such as papers, pencil and charcoal etc.
• Using different techniques of sketching and different textures of drawing materials.
• Understanding basic perspectives.
• Drawing basic shapes, circles, squares and triangles and simple shading.

Session 2: Basic Drawing 1
• Continuation from drawing basics shapes with the use of still life.
• Understanding the light source for shading.
• Completion of the still life drawing.

Session 3: Basic Drawing 2
• Introduction to charcoal.
• Application and technique to use for this medium.
• Experimentation of with textures.
• Creating still life from charcoal.

Session 4: Basic Drawing 3
• Introduction to cubism.
• Application of cubism techniques to drawing portraits.
• Using their own photographs to draw portraits out of charcoals or pencils.

Session 5: Basic Drawing 4
• Completing their portraits.

Session 6: Acrylic 1
• Introduction to tools and materials like brushes, canvas and paint.
• Introduction to van Gogh’s works and style.
• Introduction to acrylics and its usage.
• Sketch an arrangement of basic still life.

Session 7: Acrylic 2
• Start to paint still life using acrylic.
• Using van Gogh’s technique on the still life.
• Completing artwork of still life.

Session 8: Acrylic 3
• Using mix media approach.
• Using acrylic and other media such as sand shell and other found objects to create a mixed media abstract image.
• Understanding the importance of composition.

Session 9: Acrylic 4
• Completing their mix media work.

Session 10: Acrylic 5
• Recreate their favorite van Gogh piece. (Students can bring their own picture or we can provide)

Session 11: Acrylic 6
• Completing their van Gogh piece.

Session 12: Pastels 1
• Introduction to pastels.
• Methods on using pastels.
• Using pastels to create a finished colored sketch work.
• Recreate van Gogh’s Irises using pastels.

Session 13: Pastels 2
• Completing the painting of van Gogh’s Irises.

Session 14: Watercolor 1
• Introduction of Monet’s works and style.
• Introduction to watercolor pencils/ watercolors.
• Experimenting with watercolors and using a different type of brushes.
• Learn the techniques of blending using watercolors.

Session 15: Watercolor 2
• Using watercolor and collage method to recreate Monet’s Houses of Parliament or Sunrise.

Session 16: Watercolor 3
• Sketch Monet’s Waterlilies.
• Using watercolor only to recreate Monet’s Waterlilies.

Session 17: Watercolor 4
• Completing the painting of Monet’s Waterlilies.

Session 18: Oil Painting 1
• Introduction to oil painting.
• Methods on using oil paint.
• Using oil paint to paint still life.

Session 19: Oil Painting 2
• Completing the still life painting.

Session 20: Oil Painting 3
• Introduction to palette knives.
• Creating flowers motifs using techniques of texture paste or a heavier impasto style.

Session 21: Oil Painting 4
• Completing flower motifs artwork.
• Preparation of base for the next lessons. (Mixed media approach)

Session 22: Mix Media 1
• Using mix media approach towards oil.
• Using textured sand base.
• Start sketching Artist’s work of their choice.

Session 23: Mix Media 2
• Continue the recreating of an artist’s work of their choice using mix media technique.

Session 24: Mix Media 3
• Completing their mixed media painting of an artist’s work.