Our Concept

Why You’ll Love A Replica from theCURATOR.

1.    Every painting within theCURATOR’s selection has a story.

theCURATOR believes that the essence of art is the story behind each painting, therefore every piece of painting theCURATOR carries, has a fascinating story behind it.

2.    You’ll own your favourite painting in a form closest to the original.

Each piece is individually ordered and customised in accordance to the exact size and scale of the original masterpiece. We dictate the quality of oils and canvases used, the colours and texture applied on each piece based on the closest representation to the original art piece.

3.    Every painting has the finest details and quality.

theCURATOR sources for the best painters from around the world who can deliver similar skills as the grandmasters to capture the aura of the masterpieces. Each piece goes through stringent quality controls for detail and accuracy. Only the highest quality works are accepted and offered for sale at theCURATOR.

4.    It does not burn a hole in your pocket

Paintings of the famous grandmasters cost millions of dollars if they are even available for sale. Now you can own one at a reasonable price, where quality and standards are not compromised.

5.    The painting will never go out of date

The works of the grandmasters have transcended through centuries, and are admired by art historians and art lovers around the world