Veronica Lek

Veronica Lek is currently a First Year Fine Art student of Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, majoring in Painting.

She graduated from Nanyang Junior College in year 2008. When she was studying in Nanyang Junior College, she was involved in mural paintings at housing estate in 2007 and, also involved in filmmaking as member of I.Nnovation (Film Art). Not wanting to follow the normal route to a University like her peers, she decides to pursue her passion in the Arts industry.

Coming from a single-child Singaporean family, taking on the path of a visual artist was not an easy decision to make. Finally, she decided to pursue her artistic interests at her dream school, which is Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. To date, she had one exhibition that showcases her figure drawings in the Praxis space in Lasalle College of the Arts in 2011.

Artist Statement
Every piece of art has a story. The creation of an artwork is akin to a journey and the final product, the essence of the journey’s experience.
My artwork revolves around people as I seek inspiration from them. Through art, I attempt to evoke senses and let others see the story at a glance. In paintings, I try to recreate an ambience through delicate lighting, which is often reflective of my current state of mind. I really enjoy working with oil paints as well as other dry mediums such as charcoal and graphite.

Since I am relatively new to the art industry, I try to keep an open mind with a strong interest in picking up skills of the trade. Also, I am sensitive to the therapeutic healing effects of visual art and the emotional impact that art can make as I seek solace in art making during my less-than-perfect childhood. Currently, I am keen to explore the comforting effects of art in oil painting and hope that I am able to share my experiences in life that may warm the souls of many.

Art Works