Pavithera Renuka Michele

Pavithera Renuka Michele d/o Ramesh Kumar’s art training begun in her secondary school days when she was an arts student. She was given the opportunity to showcase her talent in painting at her school’s annual art exhibition where she displayed six of her works for two consecutive years. During her secondary school education, Pavithera discovered and cultivated her natural flair for the arts, and even managed to attain the painting technique that most convinced her – abstract Impressionistic style. She was also nominated for her school’s art trip to Helsinki, Finland, to experience and learn from the art scene there.

Pavithera continued her passion for painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Fine Arts.

Artist Statement
In my works, abstraction takes form as the primary means of expression and communication. I create my art through abstract methodologies, using colour as a medium. I believe that our minds use colours to make references to certain objects and scenes, and colours have the ability to create and recreate a mood. As an artist, I choose to play with the audience mood and perception through colours.

Art Works