Art Works

Nenek, 80x120cm, Oil on canvas
In this portrait of my grandmother, I face my subject in an entirely natural stance. I love making portraits of my grandmother. It is a subject close to my heart, enabling for better expression due to our understanding and intimacy cultivated over the years. As the painter, I am bestowed the authority to portray and make sense of every single wrinkle on her face. Expressed in gestural brush strokes with the fluidity of oil, this painting aims to invoke her feisty and aggressive character - a celebration of my grandmother’s hardly exhaustible, high-spirited and youthful charisma.

Nenek (Sarong), 120x180cm, Oil on linen
This sequel to the green painting is a more elaborate yet looser. The same pose, the same person, I strive to portray my grandmother’s character through the fluidity and versatility of oil. Needless to say, the sarong she wears suggests her status and identity and it may strike a chord with a familiar face that the viewers might recall. The ‘rawness’ of the whole painting mirrors her aggressive character. The writings left deliberately on the painting convey a certain kind of ambiguity. The look of being incomplete tells something about the duration I had taken in painting and the questioning during the sitting. Due to her old age, sittings with the ‘painted’ was limited. Despite knowing the sitter for almost all my life, I have to admit; you never really see every single detail of the person. Certain parts are left as questions, in hopes that viewers may question along. This painting was done out of appreciation for her tenacity and inexhaustible strength despite her mature age, subtly underlining the feminine strength in all women.