Art Works

I Love You, 110x10x18cm, Mixed media
My life experiences are stored in my memory just like books on a bookcase. I rely on my own experiences within a silent world to learn. In each sentence, there is a concise story about my life. I choose wax because it is strong yet brittle. It reflects on how I live my life – I may appear strong outside but am in fact weak and fragile. It is as if people cannot tell how I feel inside because I do not say a word. There is a small written word on each shelf to translate what each of my sentence means in sign language. I use sign language because it emphasises on my different mode of communication. My viewers are thus forced to step closer and read the lines in order to understand my works. It is like how people make more effort to communicate and understand me. Similarly, people need to put in more effort to understand and practise love in order to discover its full meaning.