Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t there a copyright to the art pieces?

We understand this is one of the most common concerns of our clients.  In accordance to Singapore’s Copyright Act, which concurs with Copyright Acts of most other first nation countries, the copyright for artworks lasts 70 years after the death of the artist.  Here at theCURATOR, we only carry reproduction works of grandmasters whose works exist in the public domain i.e. their demise is more than 70 years ago.

How close is theCURATOR’s reproduction works to the original?

Our philosophy is to capture the essence of the original, as there can only be one original.  We source painters from around the world who are able to capture as closely as possible the aura of the masterpiece.  The painters that theCURATOR engages are each specialists in a certain style or technique of a famous grandmaster.

While all of our painters may not have seen the original masterpieces in their respective museums or in private collection, their works are painstakingly produced based on careful study of each grandmaster’s technique and style.  We meticulously cross-reference our art pieces from thoroughly sourced materials i.e. established artbooks and museum collaterals that closely resemble the authenticity of the original piece.  Each piece goes through stringent quality controls for detail and accuracy, to ensure that the minute details and colour best match the desired representation of the original piece.  Only the highest quality works are accepted and offered for sale at theCURATOR.

Why should I buy from theCURATOR when I can get cheaper reproduction paintings in Vietnam or Thailand?

There are numerous representations of any piece of artwork.  The amount of time seasoned painters spend on a piece of work can vary from 3 hours to 30 days.  Pieces of cheaply available reproductions from street painters are produced for mass consumption.  They generally come in small, medium and large sizes, which do not match the actual size and scale of the original masterpiece.  Often, quality and accuracy are not a priority for street-side reproductions.

Here at theCURATOR, each piece is individually ordered and customised in accordance to the exact size and scale of the original masterpiece.  We dictate the quality of oils and canvases used, and colours and texture applied on each piece based on the closest representation of the original art piece that we are able to locate – often directly from museum archives, images and reputed fine art textbooks.  Each piece goes through a series of checks and fine-tuning to ensure that details and colour best match the original museum piece.

Can I order a painting in the size that I want?

Yes.  At theCURATOR, we seek to carry paintings with specifications just like the originals in the museums.  However, we can customise one in the specifications you desire.  Please contact us with details of your specifications, and we will see that you get your favourite painting according to your request.

Can I order a painting that your gallery does not carry?

Yes.  If you love a particular painting that theCURATOR does not carry, you can contact us with the details of painting (i.e. artist, painting title).  We will source for the best painter for the particular genre and style of your piece, so long the piece exists within the public domain.

Can I send an order via email?

Yes, you may drop us an email and we will guide you through the process of acquiring a museum quality reproduction of your favourite artwork.  For example, we guide you through pertinent details such as the reference source, color scheme and aging effects, size and scale etc.  Do advise us of particular preferences you wish for your painting and we will do our utmost to deliver a piece you will truly appreciate.

What kind of payments do you accept?

For local buyers, we accept payments via cash or credit card.  For overseas buyers, please contact us for secured payment methods.