Title: Dance at the Country
Year: 1883
Size: 180 x 90 cm (Oil on canvas)
Location: Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

Dance at the Country reveals a truly happy woman with a clear smile.  Other women portrayed in his dancing couple series were not as joyful.  Happiness radiates from those smiling lips, showing her enjoyment of dancing.  The woman is Aline Charigot, Renoir’s future wife. She was a working-class woman, a seamstress. Renoir liked her for her dependability and country values. She was modest, and down to earth.  She did not threaten his reputation, but instead supported him in his painting. Renoir felt comfortable with Aline and thus “allowed” her to be happy and enjoying dancing woman with a smiling mouth. Renoir could probably visualise himself dancing with her there, as her eyes do look at the painter instead of her partner or off in the distance. Further, Renoir and Aline danced together in their courtship and Renoir admired her for her dancing, as he told his son, Jean: “Your mother waltzed divinely. I’m afraid I stepped all over her feet”.