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theCURATOR is an art gallery specialising in high-end reproductions and artists' impressions of significant works by grandmasters such as Klimt, Vermeer, van Gogh and Monet. It also features a selection of original works by up and coming artists.

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Mon - Fri: 11am to 9pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 10am to 9pm

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Current Exhibition : Take me As I Am – Vincent van Gogh Exhibition

First Steps (After Millet) Two Poplars on a Road Through the Hills The Alyscamps Morning: Peasant Couple going to Work (After Millet) Wheat Field with Cypreses at the Haute Galline Eygaliéres The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing Prisoners Exercising (After Doré) The Potato Eaters